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Floating Farm

Floating Farm


The worsened climatic conditions and the growing world population is exerting a lot of pressure on the not so growing agricultural sector.According to some predictions the worldwide population will soar to 9.6 billion people by 2050 and the food production should also increase by 70% and in developing countries by 100%.This will require large land masses and huge amount of resources which are already over burdened.Now how can one solve the problem of food production,the solution to this problem according to an architect company based in Barcelona is the floating Farm.The floating farm is a concept of developing farms floating on water bodies.


The floating farms also called the triple-decker smart farm would feature a 2.2 million square feet fish farm,a hydroponic garden and solar panels on the roof to power the barge.The floating farm can be anchored anywhere in the lake,oceans or rivers.

The different levels would be differentiated on the basis of their function.Each level would be helping others to power up and feed in.The photo voltaic cells on top of the roof would draw solar energy,this solar energy would be then passed down to the next level having a farm that doesn't require pesticides
and fertilizers.

The water waste from the hydroponic farm would then be allowed to trickle down to the fish tank.The water waste will serve as nutrients for the fish to grow.The fish waste then would be transferred to the farm for fertilizing purposes.Hence the farm would be self sustaining in many ways.

The floating farm would also have a desalination facility,a slaughter house,a packaging facility as well as a wind turbines and machines that generate energy from moving waves as an instrument for generating extra energy. 

The floating farm is an integration of multiple strategies of aquaculture(fish),Hydroponics- aeroponics( crops) & photovoltaics(solar and other renewable resources).The company aims to setup these farms in areas where food requirement is high and obviously on water bodies(calm sea waters,reservoirs,lakes,marinas etc).The Floating farm's goal is to create a huge economical and social impact through this concept.


The operating cost and the start-up costs for the project is pretty much exorbitant and so can this project put an end to the impending food crisis.

As quoted by James Quinn professor of environmental science,"I love the concept, but ... I am skeptical that it could be done without massive subsidies. Assuming that the farm would be producing high-value produce and protein, such as oysters and microgreens, Quinn said, the farm would only make about $100,000 per year in revenue from the sale of these commodities - which typically run about $4.50 per pound."
This a serious challenge for the company on how to make the crops produced in the floating farm available to the people at a low cost.Although the idea is superb but there should be some minor corrections before the project is implemented.Here is a video below of the floating farm



Ehang is a company that specializes in making drone robots,introduced in 2014 is setting benchmarks since then. Ehang has its operating base in China.The company aims to be a pioneer in medium short distance communication and transportation solution. Ehang was recently in the news for creating an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) that can transport passengers.Although the travel distance for the vehicle is less,they are in the process of re-engineering the vehicle for long distance transportation.


A quadcopter in its own way developed by Ehang has its rotors mounted below the tip of the arm unlike most other multi rotors.It also has a pair of skids for safe landing.Ghost(UAV) is mainly intended for photography and cinematography shoots that too having an aerial view.Ghost can also be controlled by a smartphone.Here are the specifications of ghost(UAV)
Empty wt:0.65
Battery:2.6 ah Lithium Batteries


It is a newly developed UAV by Ehang,although it hasn't been named by Ehang but its unique
features greatly differentiates this vehicle from other UAVs. The arms of the copter are curved unlike other copters that straight arms.It can be controlled from a laptop.Here are some specifications for the copter:


This is the main show stopper of Ehang,with capabilities of transporting human passengers over distances this is a major breakthrough in UAV technology.The drone's automatic navigation negates the requirement for the passenger to have a pilot license.Thus the customer can sit back,relax and enjoy the whole journey.Standing 1.5 mtrs tall and weighing 200 kgs,the Ehang184 has a load capacity of 100 kgs. It is designed to carry one passenger at a speed of 100 km/hr.The UAV has 4 arms and eight propellers.Moreover these arms can be folded and the aerial vehicle just takes the parking size                                                                                       of a normal vehicle.



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